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Our Holland, Missouri Mortgage Brokers are licensed professionals, and with each loan you’ll discover they have one common goal in mind, finding you the best deal with courteous customer service.  We are ready to answer your questions, explain loan options, and get you pre-qualified for a new Holland, Missouri mortgage.  So if you need a mortgage broker in Holland, Missouri then please call us at the number above. We have worked extremely hard to build our reputation in Holland, MO and we’re working even harder, not just to keep that good reputation, but to continuously try to improve it. We treat all of our clients with the utmost regard, no matter how complex the task in hand. When we complete your Holland, Missouri home loan we want you to feel happy to leave us a 5-star evaluation and also to feel comfortable enough that you would recommend us to others. You can always count on us for your Holland, Missouri mortgage needs, so we’re on standby waiting to speak with you whenever you need us.


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Holland is a region and former province on the western coast of the Netherlands. The name Holland is also frequently used informally to refer to the whole of the country of the Netherlands. This usage is commonly accepted in other countries,[2] and sometimes employed by the Dutch themselves.[2] However, some in the Netherlands, particularly those from regions outside Holland, may find it undesirable[2] or misrepresentative to use the term for the whole country.

From the 10th to the 16th century, Holland proper was a unified political region within the Holy Roman Empire as a county ruled by the Counts of Holland. By the 17th century, the province of Holland had risen to become a maritime and economic power, dominating the other provinces of the newly independent Dutch Republic.