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Florida Commercial lending can be complicated, stressful, and very emotional. You must always work with a commercial lender who can help make it simpler, and less confusing for you and your family. We are that Florida commercial lender.

Deciding to hire a commercial lending firm is very important. We offer a no-obligation, free initial consultation for all of our client’s to figure out the best course of action for your specific circumstances.


Finding the right Florida commercial lender has never been easier. We can usually get better funding options for a project your bank has been “working on” for the last six months to a year in 10 business days. The bank will pick up the pace or get beat to the funding finish line. Either way, you win. We underwrite (avg 48hrs) for our client in 10 days from a letter of intent or an explanation on what to change to move forward on projects up to 2B like these nationwide:

  • Apartments, Office Buildings, Hotels
  • Medical Offices, Strip Malls, Fix and Flip Portfolios
  • Farms, Raw Land, Agricultural Equipment
  • Restaurants, Franchises, Gas Stations, Churches
  • Amazon Wholesaler Inventory, Self Storage
  • Business Acquisition, Buyouts and Startups
  • Construction, Industrial or Medical Equipment
  • Line of Credit for any industry and all purposes

Working Capital, Bridge Loans, Large lines of credit, Refi Cash Out, Apartments, Hotels, Shopping Malls, SBA, Large lines of credit, Bridge Loans, Storage Units, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Dental Practices, Medical Equipment, Restaurants, Partner Buyouts. Semi Trucks, Jets, Helicopters, Mining Equipment, Working capital, Construction, Real estate Portfolios, Farms, Churches, Carwash, Fix/Flip and basically any other commercial financing you can think of. An SBA loan is like trick or treating that one house that gives out the king size candy bars. It may take some effort to walk the road to get there, but it’s usually worth it. Florida SBA loans really are a great way to buy the property you work at with no money down.

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